Things to do in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska is located in north central region of United States of America. The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln and on Missouri River it is situated the largest city, Omaha. With a population of 1.9 million people, it is the only state in USA with a unicameral legislature and officially nonpartisan.

About fishing

There are many amazing places in Nebraska where you can go fishing, but in order to do that you need a fishing license. Any person 16 years of age or older can purchase a sport fishing license. The fees for a license are different for residents and non-residents. For example, a 5 years fish license is $132 for a resident and $286 for a non-resident. There are also licenses for hunt-fish combo with all state stamps. Those are recommended and the cost for one is $206 for a resident and $495 for a non-resident. Residents age 69 or over can have a senior annual license for only $5.

Spots that you can choose to go fishing in Nebraska are: Box Butte Reservoir, near Hemingford; Branched Oak Lake, in Malcolm; Calamus Reservoir, near Burwell; Elwood Reservoir; Harlan County Lake, in Republican City; Lake Maloney, in North Platte; Lake Minatare, in Minatare; Sandhills Lake, in Sandhills Region and many more.

The kind of fishes that you can find in Nebraska are walleye, white bass, bluegill, wipers, largemouth bass, channel catfish or crappies and many other species. Actually, Nebraska waters hold more than 100 fish species. Almost 40 of them are prime targets for hooks and line. The prime-time for fishing here is during spring and summer. The state also holds an annual Free Fishing Day the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend. This is the day anyone can go fishing and it’s a very happy day.

About hunting

The license for hunting is required for residents 16 years of age or older that what to hunt. The permit must be accompanied by Habitat Stamp and also additional permits may be required. There are also different fees for the licenses. For example, a 5 years hunt fish combo permit with habitat stamp is $285 for a resident and $710 for a non-resident. A 5 years hunt habitat stamp is $158 for a resident and $474 for a non-resident. For the ones that wish to go hunting during weekend or free days and are non-resident, a two day hunt permit is available and it’s $67.

The best public lands where people can hunt are: Kansas Bend Wildlife Management Area, Langdon Bend Wildlife Management Area, Nebraska National Forest or Samuel McKelvie National Forest. Actually 59 out of 390 National Parks in Nebraska allow hunting. There are also private lands where you can hunt, about 275,000 acres.

From the species that can be hunted are white-tailed deer, mule deer, pronghorn, elk and bighorn sheep. The deer hunting season is open from September to January. The elk hunting season is from September to October. Sheep can be hunted in December. The coyote is hunted all over the year and fox from November to February.

Fishing and hunting are two activities appreciated in Nebraska so the state offer opportunities for everyone to practice them.

Justin Harms from South Dakota poses with a channel catfish at Keller SRA near Ainsworth. Nguyen, May 21, 2014. Copyright NEBRASKAland Magazine, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.